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This conference will explore the interdisciplinary interrelations of science, technology and society in addressing the challenges of population aging. By bringing together leading voices in the longevity space and public figures, the Longevity Nation conference will strongly contribute to increasing the synergy of science, technology and aging society, and help advance ethical scientific and technological solutions for healthy longevity for the benefit of the entire society. Building on Israel’s strengths in this area, this conference will help build the supportive longevity ecosystem in Israel, boost the prominence of the field in Israel and enhance Israel’s international standing and cooperation in the Longevity Field. It will help build up longevity R&D and Education support programs, for stakeholders in Israel and international collaborators.


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Speakers (to be expanded)

Ilia Stambler
Vetek Association
Bar Ilan University

Confirmed 2024
Aubrey de Grey
LEV Foundation
Nir Barzilai
Einstein College of Medicine, NY
Evelyne Bischof
Jiaotong University,

Confirmed 2024
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Alexey Moskalev
Longaevus Technologies
Asher Y. Salmon
Israel Ministry of Health
Valery Krizhanovsky
Weizmann Institute
Myriam Grunewald
Hebrew University
Gil Atzmon
Haifa University
Natalie Yivgi-Ohana
Minovia Therapeutics
Yaky Yanay
Haim Cohen
Bar Ilan University
Marios Kyriazis
National Gerontology
Centre Cyprus
Dmitry Kaminskiy
Deep Knowledge Group
Confirmed 2024
Kunlin Jin
International Society
on Aging and Disease (ISOAD)
Robert Chunhua Zhao
Chinese Academy
of Medical Sciences
Arseniy Trukhanov
Stephanie Dainow
Alexey Strygin
Björn Schumacher
University of Cologne
Mario Krause
Fiona Miller
Venture Fund
Yael Benvenisti
Mediterranean Tower Ventures
Jose Luis Cordeiro
The Millennium Project
Didier Coeurnelle
Anton Kulaga
International Longevity Alliance
Omri Amirav-Drory
Renewal Bio
Jacob Hanna
Weizmann Institute
Noah Efron
STS Bar-Ilan University
Enrico Mairov
New Udai 10.0
Flavio Cabitza
Foundation for the Protection of Identity
Roberto Pili
Comunità Mondiale della Longevità
Grazia Fenu Pintori
University of Sassari
Lisa Fabiny-Kiser
SENS Research Foundation
David Izhaky