(Tentative Preliminary)

October 28

8.30-9.00 – Welcome

Session 1. 9.00-10.30.Opening Session

Dr. Ilia Stambler. Chairman, Vetek Association and Bar Ilan University.

Building the longevity ecosystem for Israel and international collaboration.

Prof. Richard Faragher. AFAR Board of Directors, Co-Ordinator MRC-BBSRC UK Ageing Networks.

Stephanie Lederman. Executive Director, American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR).

Prof. Noah Efron. Chairman, Science, Technology and Society. Bar-Ilan University

Session Objective: The need to global collaboration on research, translation and education to address the challenges and opportunities around population ageing. Israel’s potential as an important contributor to this international effort.

10.30-11.00. Break

Session 2. 11.00-12.40. Why Now? Breakthroughs in the science of ageing.

12.40-14.00 LUNCH

Session 3. 14.00-17.00. What can we hope for? Intervening in fundamental ageing mechanisms

October 29

Session 1. 9.00-10.40. Pathways and crossroads to healthy longevity. The main promises and challenges of geroscience. The social significance of healthy longevity

10.40-11.00. Break

Session 2. 11.00-12.40. Aging Clocks, Biomarkers and Clinical evaluation criteria

12.40-14.00 LUNCH

Session 3. 14.00-17.00. Into the clinic:What can be offered now and in the near future?

October 30

Session 1. 9.00-10.40. Co-operation in practice:

BIRAX Ageing, Trans-Atlantic Collaboration, Other International Initiatives

10.40-11.00. Break

Session 2. 11.00-12.40. Ends and Means: Investing in healthy longevity

12.40-14.00 LUNCH

Session 3. 14.00-17.00. The way ahead. Healthy Longevity policies and practices

October 31

Short sessions and panels

Session 1. 9.00-10.00. Visions of the future

Session 2. 10.00-10.40. Longevity advocates

10.40-11.00. Break

Session 3. 11.00-12.00. Longevity startups

Session 4. 12.00.-12.40 Longevity students

12.40-14.00 LUNCH

Session 3. 14.00-16.40. Longevity doctors

16.40-17.00. Resolution and Closing remarks