Young Israeli longevity researchers and research students are invited to submit abstract proposals for Poster Presentations at the Longevity Nation conference, that will take place on October 28-31, 2024, in Bar-Ilan University. Upon acceptance of the abstract proposals and the presentation of the posters at the conference, the best posters will be awarded a number of “Longevity Aspiration Prizes” (the exact number of awards and sums of prizes are to be determined later, depending on the available budget).

The focus of the submissions and presentations must correspond to the main themes of the conference, namely advancing research for enhancing healthy longevity and prevention of aging-related diseases, within diverse and intersecting areas of the healthy longevity field, from biology of aging to social determinants and implications of geroscience.

A special track will be dedicated to presentations focusing on application of computational methods for early detection and prediction of aging-related ill-health and evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of longevity and healthspan-improving treatments. The track is dedicated to the memory of Joseph Gitarts, an aspiring young longevity researcher, focusing on these topics, who fell in battle in Gaza on December 25, 2023, at the age of 25. Great promise and great achievements were killed with his death, as many dreams were destroyed or harmed by this war. But we hope that the dream and drive will live on in the work of other aspiring longevity researchers.

The abstracts and poster presentations will be evaluated by world-leading experts in longevity science. The abstract proposals should not exceed one page (excluding references) and should clearly explain how the research aims to advance healthy longevity and prevent degenerative aging and aging-related diseases. Abstract submissions are to be made until September 1.

Please send the abstract proposals to the conference organizing committee, to Dr. Ilia Stambler