Richard Faragher is Professor of Biological Gerontology at the University of Brighton
and is past Chair of the British Society for Research on Ageing, the International
Association of Biomedical Gerontology and the American Aging Association. He read
Biochemistry at Imperial College, London and undertook doctoral studies on human
premature ageing at the University of Sussex. His primary research interest is the
relationship between cellular senescence and organismal ageing. He has published
widely on the phenotype of senescent cells and on compounds that reverse the process.
He holds the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Conference Science Medal for his work on
the mechanisms of Werner’s syndrome, the Help the Aged ‘Living Legend’ award for his
championship of older people, the Paul F Glenn Award for research into the mechanisms
of ageing and the British Society for Research on Ageing’s highest honour, the Lord
Cohen of Birkenhead Medal. He is a Fellow of the American Aging Association and
serves on the Editorial Boards of Advances in Biogerontology, Mechanisms of Aging and
Development, Biogerontology and Advances in Biogerontology.
Professor Faragher has served as a member of the Research Advisory Council of the
Charity Research into Ageing and on strategy and funding panels for the BBSRC, the US
National Institutes on Ageing and the European Union. From 2005-2008 he was Co-
director of the BBSRC-EPSRC SPARC programme, a research network designed to build
national capacity to conduct inter-disciplinary ageing research. He is currently a Director
of the American Federation for Aging Research, serves on the Scientific Advisory Board
of the Longevity Vision Fund and co-directs the Building Links in Ageing Science and
Translation (BLAST) research network. He is a member of the Legal & General
Longevity Sciences Panel, a group of experts brought together to advise L&G on the
factors that affect life expectancy in the UK.