Longevity Nation

(Enhancing research development and education for healthy longevity)

October 28-31, 2024

Bar Ilan University, Nanotechnology Bldg 206, Ramat Gan, Israel


This conference will explore the interdisciplinary interrelations of science, technology and society in addressing the challenges of population aging. By bringing together leading voices in the longevity space and public figures, the Longevity Nation conference will help advance ethical scientific and technological solutions for healthy longevity for the benefit of the entire society. Building on Israel’s strengths in this area, this conference will help enhance the supportive longevity ecosystem in Israel, boost the prominence of the field in Israel and strengthen Israel’s international standing and cooperation in the Longevity Field. It will help build up longevity R&D and Education support programs, for stakeholders in Israel and international collaborators.

Main topics

1) Enhancing research, development and education for healthy longevity and prevention of aging-related diseases – an essential part of the preparedness for population aging.

2) Israel can and should become an important contributor to international geroscience research, development and education. Enhancing international collaboration.

3) Pathways and crossroads to healthy longevity. The main promises and challenges of geroscience.

4) Clinical evaluation criteria for aging – aging clocks, biomarkers, metrics of intrinsic functional capacity. Recognizing degenerative aging as a medical condition.

5) The ethics of healthy longevity extension: The goals and the means. Public perception.

6) History of aging and longevity research. Where did we succeed and where did we fail? And why aren’t we doing as much as we could?

7) Between fundamental aging research and commercialization of longevity therapies. A road ahead or a death valley?

8) Between geriatric medicine and longevity medicine. What can be offered now and in the near future?

Conference presentation