Omri Amirav-Drory, Ph.D. is the General Partner at NFX Bio and the Founder and CEO at Renewal Bio. He is a scientist and an operator who has founded, scaled, and invested in some of today’s most important techbio companies.

Before becoming an investor, Omri was the Founding CEO of Genome Compiler, which developed software for genetic engineers and molecular and synthetic biologists. He led the company to a successful acquisition by Twist Bioscience, a next-generation DNA synthesis company currently valued at ~$2.5 Billion. Omri stayed at Twist for almost three years after the acquisition as the Head of Corporate Development.

After leaving Twist, Omri became the Founding Partner at Tech.Bio where he invested and advised in companies like Mammoth Biosciences, immunai, C2i Genomics, and more. Now as an investor, Omri understands what it means to be a Scientist-CEO and is committed to a future where this is the norm, not the exception.