Anton Kulaga is a bioinformatician working on life extension and investigating aging at the Systems Biology of Aging Group, Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy of Sciences. Since 2015 he has dedicated his efforts to multi-omics analysis and has accumulated extensive experience in bioinformatics. In particular, Anton has specialized in building next-generation sequencing pipelines, analyzing large datasets, and applying machine learning to gene expression patterns. He is an active open-source developer, contributing to multiple bioinformatics projects. Additionally, he successfully designed genetic constructs in several mammalian synthetic biology projects. Outside of academia, Anton is a co-founder of the International Longevity Alliance. This non-profit organization is a platform for interaction between regional organizations that support anti-aging technologies. Anton’s research interests lie in the fields of biogerontology, mammalian synthetic biology, bioinformatics, new institutional economics, and complexity theory.